Your brand is the first thing that sets an impression of you on the world. Who are you? What do you offer? Who is your audience? These are the questions we shall answer as we design your identity and your overall brand. Your brand will bring you recognition and set you apart from competition. It will strengthen the bond with your current customers while attracting new followers.

The creation or redevelopment of a brand can involve many elements such as logo (re)design, style-guides, stationary, packaging, labeling, marketing elements and more.


Communicating to your audience will probably require some form of print design. I offer a practically endless range when it comes to print, be it brochures, catalogs, posters, newsletters, books, manuals, magazine ads, fliers, menus, capital campaigns... and the list goes on.


I have spent over 3 years working within the fashion and apparel industries in a very broad way. I produce clothing and illustration designs for contemporary women's wear and also for mens street and sports wear. I excel in illustration concept, design and execution, for one-off pieces and whole collections. I am well seasoned in pre-press for fabric and apparel screening and printing. I also offer technical line drawing for product development and manufacturing.


It goes without saying that a website is an essential tool in todays world. Even if you don't have the need for a large scale multi-paged website, a well designed web-page can serve as a digital business card, allowing yourself to be accessible to an ever demanding audience. I can work with you to meet your needs to design and develop a fully functioning website.


I offer basic photography service for both artistic conceptual imagery and high-quality product shots. I have experience with studio set up for jewelry, fashion and other products as well as urban, food and sports photography.

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